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SBC Leadership focuses on the self-development of our students, furthering their self-knowledge, self-awareness, and confidence in order to become 21st-century leaders. Through exciting and dynamic Leadership Challenges, students will learn how to identify and influence their key personality traits so as to achieve their full personal potential.

  • 10 hours leadership development per week
  • Reflective log
  • Mixture of classroom and practical learning
  • End of course leadership report
Developing skills on the leadership programme


Led by our on-site Head of Leadership, the SBC Leadership programme takes place across four afternoons each week. Each session, students work either individually or in teams to complete a physical, intellectual, artistic or STEM-based challenge. Each SBC Leadership challenge develops a key component of self-reflection and self-evaluation, designed to strengthen the reflective skills, self-awareness, and self-confidence needed for leadership in the 21st century.

Inspiring Leaders

Each Leadership Challenge is inspired by an influential and pioneering leader. Students will participate in a “Thought For The Day” seminar, where the story and experiences of an exemplary leader will be discussed. The story will provide the inspiration for the challenge that the students will participate in. The programme includes a wide variety of challenges ranging from physical activities such as Orienteering and Bushcraft challenges, to scientific challenges such as STEM and Engineering challenges, to academic challenges such as Debating and Public Speaking. In order to complete these Leadership Challenges, students will look at case studies of leading pioneers in these fields, such as Ada Lovelace, Michael Faraday, and Barack Obama.

Students having a discussion as part of Leadership at Wellington College

Reflective Practice

Students will be guided through three steps for each Leadership Challenge they undertake: Prepare, Perform and Evaluate. As part of their preparation, students will analyse the task and their ability to do it, setting goals and identifying challenges that they think they will face. On completion of the Leadership Challenge, students will reflect on how they performed and the leadership skills they developed. Through such self-evaluation, SBC Leadership students will learn to identify their personal barriers, and develop strategies to overcome them.

Students having a discussion as part of Leadership at Wellington College

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